1964 - 2014
The Gospel Assembly Church at the corner of Maxwell and Thornton Street
celebrating it's 50th Anniversary

Our founders, Bro. Charles Cohenour Sr. and Sis. Ruth Naomi Cohenour,
began working for the Lord after receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost in
1948 and 1947 respectively, in Cincinnati Ohio.

They began the Gospel Assembly Church in Bloomington, IN --1964 The first
year they commuted from Indianapolis where they attended the Indianapolis
Gospel Assembly Church. Traveling 50 miles to and from Bloomington with
their five children: Cheryl, Charles Jr., Chris, Cary and Naomi. This was no
small feat! They continued to do so until they moved to Bloomington.

After 33 years of pastoring the church, Bro. Cohenour Sr. passed away in
January 1997. He is sorely missed, but we knew he would want us to
continue working for the Lord and his dear people.

Since the beginning, Sis. Ruth Naomi has been the song leader and piano
player and the Lord has blessed her with the ability to write many inspirational
songs and choruses. Her years of faithfulness are greatly appreciated.

Rev. Cary E. Cohenour, the founder's youngest son, has been the Pastor for
seventeen years. Prior to this, he was the Assistant Pastor for 12 years. Our
church is growing both spiritually and in numbers, and we extend an open
invitation to all in the community to stop by and visit. Come see what the Lord
is doing!

We are excited about the future!! Our services are Wednesday at 7 pm,
Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 2 pm.
Sis. Julia Cohenour, Pastor's Wife
Location: http://www.bodyofchristbloomingtonindiana.com/anniversary.html
Updated:  2/11/2014