Bro. William Sowders, Sr.
Brother Bob Shelton and his brother, Bye Shelton, were having church meetings in Brother
Bye's home on the bank of the Ohio, at Olmstead. Brother Shelton had been blessed with
preaching the Holy Ghost Baptism from the very first of God's move in this direction with the
Pentecost people. Brother Sowders, while fishing the Ohio, came upon one such meeting.
Hearing the sounds of singing and rejoicing in the humble setting of this small home of Bro.
Bye Shelton, Brother Sowders began attending these small meetings. In the year of 1912, Bro.
Sowders was converted from a sinner and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the
evidence of speaking in other tongues.
Bro. and Sis. Bob Shelton 1919
Bro. William Sowders and Linn Johnson
On the Boat - Louisville, KY July 7, 1950
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From the banks of the beautiful Ohio River in Southern Illinois,the movement of The Body of
Jesus Christ
was to originate in the twentieth century. The young man, William Sowders, born
to Charles and Florence Meeky Sowders in Louisville, Kentucky on September 13, 1879, was
Called by God to preach HIS (Gods) gospel. He was chosen by God to bring together the Body
of Christ in this day.
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