Gospel Assembly Church
Bloomington, IN
Pastor Charles E. Cohenour, Sr. is our founder. He received the Holy Spirit in 1948
in Cincinnati, OH and was called by the Lord to preach on that very night. After
having three dreams about opening a church here in Bloomington, he was
convinced by the Lord to go to Bloomington in December of 1963.
In April 1964 Bro. Cohenour and his wife Ruth Naomi, established a church and
rented the old Arlington School for church services. Bro. Cohenour preached and
Sis. Cohenour lead the song services. We worshipped there for 18 months.
Arlington School -- Church
Bro. and Sis. Cohenour found a piece of property on Thornton and Maxwell. There
was a house on this land that had never been lived in and didn't even have a floor.
The builder had built the house three feet over on the next-door neighbors property,
so he couldn't do anything with it. The house had stood there empty for three years.
He sold the house and land to Bro. Cohenour for $3000, at $30 a month, then Bro.
Cohenour went to the neighbors and he sold the other piece of land that the three
feet of the church was on for $3000 with only one dollar down! Since then, we have
built our new church onto the small one, of which we were in for five years. We have
been in the new addition since 1971.
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Bro. Cohenour, Sr. went on to receive his reward in 1997 and his youngest son Cary E.
Cohenour has taken over the ministry here in the town of Bloomington, IN
Bro. and Sis. Charles E. Cohenour Sr.
We love you.
Our Pastor Bro.Cary Cohenour and his wife Julie
Bloomington Gospel Assembly Church taken
Easter Sunday 1974